catsWell, it’s happened.  I now have two cats.  How did this happen?  I suppose Sarah talked us into it.  Instead of one beautiful Abyssinian, we now have one beautiful Abyssinian and one black cat with two white spots.  Welcome to the family, Twilight!  After Sarah visited him at the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society at least once a week for eight months, all the while trying to convince us to get him, we finally caved.

Twilight and Juliet have almost no similarities, except for the fact they are both strange.  Don’t get me wrong, we like strange cats.  But I’ve got to say, of all the weird tendencies I’ve seen in cats, these two have the most.  Juliet, on one hand, is a complete fanatic about grooming, but she hates baths.  She cleans herself every spare moment of the day, and her fur is always perfectly soft.  Twilight, on the other, almost never cleans himself.  He just licks himself a couple times and is done for the week.

Okay, I lied.  They do both have some similarities.  They both love food – especially wet food.  They share a can of wet food a day, each getting a quarter in the morning and a quarter at night.  I guarantee, they know exactly when it’s feeding time.  If you aren’t on time, one of them (or both) will start following you around, meowing and rubbing against you.

Not that their love of food makes them fat.  They are occupied throughout the day by chasing each other through the house at a hundred miles per hour, occasionally jumping on top of the other one when they least expect it, and generally picking on each other.  However, they no longer hiss/growl (at least not most of the time).

Aside from swatting, smacking, and chasing, they usually get along.  They do get into little spats about territory, but have finally decided that the top bunk bed (my bed), which they both love, is neutral territory.  We have caught them sleeping on the bed at the same time, so we are pretty sure they won’t get into a cat fight over it.

Strangely enough, they also adore human food.  Of course, they like to drink milk out of glasses and cereal bowls, but they go beyond that.  Twilight will walk along a counter or a table and stick his head into every glass to decide if he wants to drink it.  Juliet also likes to drink from cups.  What I find peculiar is that no matter how hard I try, Twilight will not sample tea, or even deign to stick his head in the cup, although he will sniff soda.  Juliet, on the other hand, will drink tea.  I have been desperately trying to introduce my new black cat buddy to tea, but he will not even smell it!  I have wondered if it is the warmth of the tea, so I will probably try to get him to drink iced tea.

As for other food, Twilight likes to eat fried rice and anything meat, and Juliet will actually take bites out of a Triscuit cracker topped with melted cheese and pepperoni.  Of course, they’re happy to munch whatever someone leaves on the table.

They are both very loving and friendly.  Juliet likes to be held so she can peer over your shoulder, and sometimes Twilight will let you pick him up upside-down in a “baby” hold.  They both will sit on the back of the chair as you work, or even in the chair with you.  Twilight is desperate for love; he follows my Mom around day and night vying for attention.  Both cats like to climb in bed with you, but Juliet can’t stay still for more than an hour or two, and Twilight thinks it is fun to pounce on your feet whenever they move.

They have other peculiarities.  Twilight, especially, has a very strange habit.  He likes to steal socks, rolled up into balls, and play with them, carrying them in his mouth, batting them around the house, and chewing them.  When he is done, he drops them in a random location.  My mom can no longer blame us when there are socks around the house, because it is usually the cat.

I could probably go on and on about my new furry family member, but you get the idea.  I still plan to get Twilight to drink tea.  Any suggestions for that?  And yes, I do realize this post had very little to do with tea, but I’m sure you can appreciate that my focus at the moment is on my new pet.  Twilight’s name starts with a T.  Does that count?