In an earlier post, I described our company’s foray into the world of social network/media marketing.  This month I’m sharing one result of our efforts in the very useful world of twittering.  Included in that is a link to a food blogger’s review of the occasion.

Twitter is a tool for small and large businesses alike (companies that tweet include Peets, Starbucks, Teavana, and TeaGschwender), but, for small businesses, it is a free gift that allows us to get in front of people all over the world we would never otherwise be able to reach.  This brings about both short- and long-term advantages and potential business relationships.

Putting aside worldwide contacts, Twitter has truly helped us develop some wonderful relationships with locals.  This has resulted in new faces in our store as well as a networking group whose members frequently “tweet” about each others’ activities or re-tweet messages from one another to spread that message to their own Twitter followers (hey…this is a whole new language/culture for the uninitiated, isn’t it?).  All this tweeting and re-tweeting ultimately benefits all of our businesses.

Last Monday, two realtors in our city who are part of my Twitter networking contacts decided to organize a “tweet-up” in our store.  A tweet-up allows twitterers who have never personally met to do so and thus further develop profitable, beneficial, and/or just plain enjoyable relationships.  We expected about 10 to come, but instead around 20 showed up, along with our regular customers, making it a cozy gathering, to say the least.  It resulted in fun, food, beverage, and friendship – just check out the photos.  It also resulted in an interview with another online local area news website, brought about more good word-of-mouth from attendees, and led to more mentions of and links to our business on Twitter.

On Twitter as @CA_tea, we now have over 1,200 followers, including two Dallas Cowboys, a Hollywood comedienne, and a host of other very interesting people who have our tweets showing on their Twitter sites every time we send one out.  So, for about half an hour of concentrated time total per day, we get a lot of bang for the buck.  We also use Twitter to link back to our Facebook page and Facebook store, from which we then send Facebook fans and friends to Twitter, and so on and so on and so on…

Don’t be intimidated by Twitter.  Just study up a little on getting started and tweet your head off.  We’re silly and have fun, but ultimately get the message across that we are passionate about great tea (and coffee) and promote our business in a way that costs us only a little of our time and absolutely nothing more.  That’s good business!

By the way, we see other twitterers right here on T Ching – Charles Cain, for one.  I know him by @AdagioRetail there.  Or maybe that’s his secretary? ;)  And someone I’m so excited to meet someday – Naja Hayward or, as we know her on Twitter, @najatea.

See YOU on Twitter?