YES!  You better believe it – real men sure do drink tea!  This is a growing market in the tea industry; men are drinking tea and they are not just your grandfathers.  In fact, President Obama is among the men who drink tea!  Yes, men from the Baby Boomer generation are tea drinkers too, but a younger crowd of men aretaking up the cup every day – college men are becoming tea savvy as well.  Men are gravitating towards the darker teas, including pu-erh, from the Yunnan province of southwest China.

Usually aged and pressed into cakes, pu-erh teas begin life as damp green tea leaves, which ferment microbiologically to a black leaf, resulting in a very earthy and musty, but smooth-tasting, tea.  Never mind raising the pinkie for these teas – these are real-men teas.  Sure, I know many ladies who prefer pu-erh teas, but some of these will indeed “put hair on your chest!”

And, guys, don’t be afraid when your girl asks you to join her for tea – it could be to a fancy tea parlor or to a hip-and-trendy tea bar.  But guess what?  She is actually doing something that is very good for YOU.  WebMD Health News reports that tea-drinking men have smaller waistlines – and it is abdominal fat that causes most health concerns.

In her book, Stop Aging Now, Jean Carper writes:

“Compelling evidence of tea’s powers to ward off fatal heart disease comes from a five-year study of 805 men, aged sixty-five to eighty-four, in the Netherlands.  Those who took in the most antioxidant flavonoids, mainly by drinking two cups or more of black tea a day, had only one-half the rate of fatal heart disease as those drinking less tea.  Other studies show that tea reduces cholesterol (9 points down in Norwegian men drinking five or more cups a day) and blocks the buildup of plaque in arteries.  Tea drinkers also have displayed younger, less damaged arteries at autopsy.  Dutch men who drank a couple of cups of black tea daily were less apt to die of any health causes, but particularly not of heart disease.  Researchers credited antioxidants, called flavonoids, in the diet, citing tea as a main source.”

And according to the British Journal of Nutrition:

“Telomeres are located at the tips of DNA chromosomes and shorten with cell aging and oxidative stress.  Telomere shortening is associated with human aging and age-related diseases.  Studies show that environmental factors and lifestyle choices can affect oxidative stress (damage caused by free radicals).  Now research reports that male tea drinkers have longer telomeres than non-tea drinkers.  This suggests that antioxidants found in tea may protect telomeres from oxidative damage and shortening.”

Gentleman, please do more than think about it – real men DO drink tea and they live longer, healthier lives!


With the force and strength of who I am,
I claim all that I am is in perfect balance.
All is in harmony because all is God.
God is all there is. The truth of me has
always been in agreement with this Force.
All facets of me are God, of course;
God expressing through me – God fulfilling me.
This Presence, this Power is one with me;
everything is as it should be.
All that distinguishes me as male or masculine
is divine masculinity in divine harmony.
But this is only one aspect of me.
It is not all that I am,
because all that I am is far grander, far greater.
This makes me good and I see all is good.
Masculinity reaches beyond gender;
right to the heart where all are tender.
For the vastness of me, the divinity of me,
I give thanks to the Creator of all I see.
I let go of all concerns of masculine versus feminine
and find peace in the skin I’m in
and let love guide me all the way.
With pride I let it be – come what may.