Can you believe it?  Sipping tea with thousands of others just like you – could anything be better?  And it’s virtual!  Well, sort of – it’s real, too.  For those of you lost in the dark ages – you know, before social media – tea has a huge presence on Facebook.  If you are at all interested in tea and finding friends, Facebook is a very good place to be.  When I searched on the word “tea” on Facebook today, 129,000 results came up.  So, come over and sip with the rest of us.  There are numerous tea groups you can join to find friends just as crazy about tea as you are – maybe even more so!

On June 1, one group is doing “The Big Tea Day” – a “virtual tea” during which they are encouraging folks to fill up their largest mug and sip tea all day long.  They have almost 900 people signed up so far.

I even have a Fan Page (Sereni-Tea: Sipping SELF SUCCESS) on Facebook based on tea and my upcoming book.  It is my belief that in the time it takes to mindfully sip a cup of tea every day, you can change your life.  Success is an inside job and when you quiet the mind and do something good for your mind, body, and soul, you will indeed understand the true meaning of success.

But back to the virtual tea – for those of us “serious” tea drinkers, we know that every day not just thousands of people are drinking tea at the very same moment as we are, but easily millions, and perhaps even billions.  Tea is the Number 1 beverage in the world – next to water – yes, that number could be in the billions.  And that is not virtual, is it?  That is reality.  So continue sipping to your own success – but know you are not sipping alone.


In peaceful repose, I breathe in all that I am.
I marvel at the simplicity and purity of divine serenity.
From this place of perfection I am undisturbed.
I am calm and refreshed, most unperturbed.
I see God, I feel God, I hear the word.
Clearly and calmly, I am one with this Force.
I am intact; I am whole, pure and good.
I see the reflection of my own perfection; no defects
and no deficiencies.
Nothing can diminish the goodness
and the God-ness of me.
In serenity and with deep gratitude,
and along with each sip of tea
I realize God is all of me from within me.
So with ease and grace I surrender my pace.
I have nothing to fear; there is no race.
No rush, no hurry, no finish line.
Every day I know victory in the arms of the Divine;
my giver, my deliverer, the provider of bliss.
I need for nothing; the aches are all gone.
My soul is free to be all that it is – love is all it can be,
and that’s good enough for me.