teapotI recently had lunch with a dear friend and avid tea drinker, Yvonne Maisonette.  Yvonne has been transitioning from her career as a fashion model and actress into entertainment journalism and asked if we could do a segment on tea.

As much as I love talking about what I’m doing with my company and the different teas we offer, I thought this could be a great opportunity to focus on some of my favorite products for enjoying our teas.

What you use to prepare your loose-leaf tea is as important as the tea and the water you use.  I often receive new product submissions from designers and companies wanting to know what I think about what they offer and how well their particular product works with quality loose-leaf teas or with finer blends.  Not every submission makes the cut.

So, in my tea segment with Yvonne, I picked several of my favorite ways to make Naja Tea.  So take a moment (or one minute and 27 seconds) and experience some of my favorite tea accoutrements.

I’d love to know about your favorite new and innovative tea products.