Tea.  Poetry.  Two of my favorite things.  It only makes sense that I should put them together and make it even more enjoyable.  For me, that means writing poems about tea.  Although not all of my tea-poetry attempts reflect well on either tea or poetry, I’m going to share them anyway.  They’d probably earn me a D in English, but they might give everyone else a good laugh.  So, here goes.

Never, whatever you do
Use a whole box of loose leaf to brew
One single cup
When you drink it all up
You’ll have enough brewed for 22!

Comments: The meter is off, it doesn’t quite make sense, and loose leaf doesn’t necessarily come in boxes, but “plastic packet” didn’t fit.

A cup of hot tea
Is delicious in April,
Or other months too!

Comments: I have never before been so annoyed by only having five or seven syllables to work with.

Onto the stove goes the pot
The one from where water is got

When the water is hot enough
It will be poured into each cup

A teabag is then dropped in each
Whether Earl Grey, mint, or peach

A tedious wait then ensues
While the tea just sits there and brews

When it has been steeped finally
We take out the bags and drink tea!

Comments: One of my better ones.  At least I didn’t have a specific number of syllables.

Sweet, Delightful
Pouring, Steeping, Drinking
Pure, Lovely, Gross, Dark
Gagging, Dumping, Brewing
Awful, Smelly

Comments: Apologies to anyone who likes coffee.  Personal preference expressed here.

Okay, there you have it – my attempt at combining two of my hobbies.  Although, looking at the results, I think I’m going to go back to reading/writing poetry while drinking tea, instead of writing poems about tea.  It may not be (for me, at least) easy to write about, but it’s great inspiration.

And, while we’re on the topic, has anyone else ever tried to write tea poetry?