Gongfu teaRecently, there have been a lot of discussions on T Ching about loose-leaf tea and teabags.  As a Chinese tea manufacturer and exporter, I know that tea in teabags is bigger than loose-leaf tea and more popular the world over.

So many people choose teabags because they are an easy solution in this fast society.  Sometimes I’ll drink tea from teabags, especially now that there are some unique teabags that contain better-quality loose-leaf tea.  But I’m 100% sure that the fast world needs loose-leaf tea more than teabags.

Why do we need loose-leaf tea more?  Because it can help free our soul in this fast society.  Some people say making loose-leaf tea is a little difficult.  Yes, they’re right, but making loose-leaf tea causes you to drop all of your worries and focus on the tea, especially using the Gongfu tea style.  In simple terms, the difference between teabags and loose-leaf tea is similar to the difference between assembling a chair and making a chair.  Why do people love carpentry work?

We need a brand-new tea culture that can help us relax in our daily lives – teabags are not enough.  We should give our spirit more care – that’s the mission of my new company as well.  We know there is a long way to go, but we have begun the journey.