A is for Aroma, the beautiful scent of tea as it steeps and you wait for it to be ready to drink.

B is for Brew Basket, a tool used to make loose-leaf tea that I have exceptional difficulty using.  One would think I would have figured it out after so many failed attempts…

C is for Caffeine, as many people get their daily dose of caffeine from tea.  Not me, though.  I drink caffeine free.  Too much caffeine makes me hyper.

D is for Darjeeling, a bright and tangy tea grown in the foothills of the Himalayas.  It’s very good, and if you like Earl Grey, you’ll probably like it.

E is for English Breakfast, one of the best known tea blends, and my personal favorite.

F is for Fresh and Easy, a nice, natural-ish grocery store about ten minutes away from where I live.  They sell 100-count and 40-count boxes of English Breakfast tea for the same price.  No complaints here.

G is for Ginger, a spice used to flavor tea.

H is for Hot, the temperature of a good cup of tea on a cold morning.

I is for Iced, the temperature of a glass of tea in the hot summer air.

J is for Jasmine, a flower found in many herbal teas.

K is for Kitty Cats, who like tea.  Especially mine.

L is for Loose Leaf, the original type of tea that requires the aforementioned tool I have trouble with.

M is for Milk, a simple, old-fashioned additive to tea.

N is for Natural, the types of flavors you wish to have added to your tea, as opposed to artificial flavoring.

O is for Organic, as in the yummy organic teas we all like.

P is for Peppermint, a flavor that many teas have.

Q is for Quantity, referring to the large quantity of tea that many others and I consume.

R is for Rachel, my sister – a fellow T Ching blogger – who can actually use a brew basket.

S is for Steep, what your tea does before you drink it.

T is for Tea, the drink and the inspiration for art and literature, among many other things.

U is for Unanimous, the vote of all T Ching bloggers that tea is delicious.

V is for Vanilla, a flavor included in many teas.

W is for Water – what you need to make tea, unless you like eating the leaves; some people do.

X is for Xylose, what diabetics use to sweeten their tea.  Also known as “I’m scraping the bottom of the bucket here”.

Y is for Yoga, an activity that many tea drinkers partake in.  I’m not one of those people.

Z is for Zesty, the perfect adjective for lemon tea.