It’s a New Year and by the Chinese calendar we have just entered the Year of the Tiger.  Hang on – it looks like we are in for a tumultuous year – a year of change, drama, and intensity – but also a great year for travel.  Supposedly, it is not a good year for politics or political resolutions.  So where does this leave us?  Some things will always be beyond our control, other things we can learn to live with.  We will always be in charge of the way we let things, people, circumstances, and life in general affect us.  What is the best medicine for a mind or a life in turmoil?  TEA – of course.  The Chinese were drinking tea and using it as a medicine long before they developed their astrology.

Tea has stood the test of time – it just may be time for you to test out some classic Chinese teas.  The tea plant is native to China; in more ways than one, its roots are in China.

Life is for exploring, and although we will be faced with challenging times throughout our lifetime, the true challenge is how we get through the tough times to be able to move onto the good times we are all waiting for.

Tea is also for exploring.  Chinese teas offer more than you can even imagine; find some and begin your journey.

Just as chaos offers opportunity, good always comes from “bad” when we see things with new eyes.  The forecast may be a year of unpredictability, arguments, and turmoil.  If so, focused and dedicated moments of surrender with a cup of tea will come in very handy.  This is how you can take that tiger by its tail and be in charge of your own life.  This is how you will see endless opportunities offered to you during chaotic times.  They have said, “If you blink you may miss them.”  So, stay sharp.  We have been through difficult times before – this too shall pass.


What is old is new again.
What once was will always be.
All there is, is all there ever has been.
God is all there is and all there will be.
Whispers of the ancient past call out to me.
I sit quietly; I listen and sip my tea.
Time stands still; no past, no future, just destiny.
No beginning, no end, I am one with eternity.
One with this force I am part of the Source.
It is all now, there is no past tense.
The mystery of history is alive and well.
It is in me, it is me, the secrets I could tell.
A path has been laid, no mistakes have been made.
It was all for good when we seek the good; for good lies within us all.
What have we learned from all our tears?
What lessons have our fears, over the years taught us the most?
Live and let live. Love and be loved.
Be grateful, thoughtful and thankful.
Rest in the knowing there’s much more than what’s showing.
Dig deep, take the plunge, seek the unseen.
God is all you’ll find, God is all that has been.