Think about it: you have spent time carefully steeping a pot of loose-leaf tea until it tastes perfect.  Your cup of tea is poured, and then your Blackberry alarm starts beeping.  You have forgotten that you have a doctor’s appointment.  So you grab your bag and very slowly make your way out to the car, being careful not to spill your cup of tea.  Sitting down in the car, you set your tea in the cup holder and pull out of your driveway.  After you’ve been heading down the road for a few minutes, you try and take a sip of your tea.  It’s cold.  Not as in iced, but as in a pathetic not-quite-warm-not-quite-iced kind of way.

That’s why I was so thrilled when one of my Christmas gifts was a travel mug.  Before you look at me like I’m nuts, I’ll explain why a travel mug is so wonderful.  First of all, there’s no need to worry about spilling your tea when you are bringing it with you.  Your tea will be safe, unless you unscrew the lid and turn it upside down.  And if you do that, you deserve whatever it is you get.

Secondly, your tea will never get cold.  You can take tea with you on long drives, pack it in a lunch, or even take it hiking with you, and your tea will stay warm and tasty until it is time to drink it.  After I got my mug, my family went on a long drive to look at Christmas lights.  Even though we were in the car for over an hour, and it was extremely cold outside, my drink was steaming hot the whole time I was sipping it.

In addition, you can also put your mug to use on hot days when you’re having iced tea.  The travel mug will keep your tea ice cold for you, no matter what.  So you don’t have to worry about the tea getting to that nasty in-between temperature and tasting gross.

So let’s think about that earlier scenario with your perfect cup of loose-leaf tea.  As soon as your Blackberry beeps, dump your tea in your travel mug, bring it with you, and have the perfect beverage for the entire drive to the doctor’s office or wherever else you may go.  It may even help keep your mind off whatever unpleasant poking and prodding awaits you at the other end of your journey.