If you find yourself lagging and dragging right now – start sipping and start breathing; pour a cup of tea and then do some deep inhalations and exhalations.

Change is all around us.  Change comes from within us.  Change is us.

For most of us, the weather is changing during these winter months – and this does affect us.  As the days are shorter, darker, colder, and damper, our energy changes with them.  Some individuals are impacted by the changes more greatly than others.

Our energy level is tied into the energy force, the life force, the chi, or the prana of our universe.  We are not separate from it – we are part of it.  The breath of life exists in everything that is alive: plant, animal, person.  Although this life force is beyond us, it is also within us, and therefore can be controlled by us.  In yoga, we are taught to control the breath within us – that with this breath we can relieve stress and tension, breathe out old, stale, stagnating energy, and breathe in new revitalizing and uplifting energy.

Tea has long been associated with calm, tranquility, serenity, and spirituality.  Just the mere sound of these words evokes inner peace; reading these words, we remember; seeing these words, we relax.  Drinking the beverage known the world over – tea – and taking some quiet time with a cup of tea delivers a multitude of benefits to the body, mind, and spirit.  A body mired in physical and mental stress is a body with a blocked energy flow.  Chi that does not move, prana that does not flow, an energy force that is stuck serves no one and exhausts you.

Tea has both physical health benefits as well as healing emotional benefits – these are delivered in the time spent sipping in serenity and breathing in new vigor and vitality.  Just as we can do deep breathing exercises anywhere, we can choose to take tea with us anywhere, too.  In no time, you will be experiencing new energy levels and the doldrums will be vanquished.


There is a vital force inside me
that is connected to something far greater.
It is an essential element that provides me
with unlimited strength.
This principle of life is God
and is truly all there is.
I am one with this Power,
this Force known as God.
I accept that this essential,
life-supporting phenomenon comes from
within me and works through me.
I am able to revitalize myself
as often as necessary.
I need only sip of this ancient elixir
to remember my own good.
I give thanks for the potency
of the divine potential
that exists in me and in all others.
Nothing real prevents this potent presence.
I release all that is perceived and allow for all that is possible.
For all is possible in God.
God is all that is possible in me.
So I let it be.

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