It’s New Year’s Eve, time for a new beginning.  Last year is so 20th century.  It’s out.  What’s in is another chance with your life, in spirit as well as in mind and body.  And tea is rightly part of the new you.

Tea is good for your body, no doubt about it.  Science is picky about just what tea will actually do for you.  It’s true that it can’t heal you of all your diseases on its own.  But if you don’t overdo it on food, yet drink a lot of tea for years, tea will greatly contribute to preventing major illnesses like cardiovascular disease and cancer.

That tea is good for your mind is still not understood well by science, but anyone can attest to its pleasant effects anecdotally.  If you drink your tea every day, you’ll enjoy its feel-good effects – stimulation that’s always also relaxing.

Tea also benefits your spiritual health.  Today it’s time to start over, to make a resolution to change your life.  Would that be to lose weight or quit a bad habit?

I understand the benefits of being an ascetic.  I’m one of them.  For years, I struggled with addictions and developed exquisite self-control.  I’m just not a very impulsive person anymore.

But sometimes more of a good thing is in order.  Almost all food is dangerous when not eaten in moderation.  But tea has no upward limit and more of a good thing is indeed more good for you when it comes to the favored drink.

Many people accomplished in breaking bad habits do it with a little spiritual awakening.  So there’s definitely virtue in giving up the bads.  However, there’s also something to be said for guaranteed success rather than the ever-looming failure of half-hearted resolutions.

You can achieve the good habit of drinking more high-quality tea quite easily and there’s little standing in your way.  It’s doing yourself a positive instead of trying to avoid something negative.  Be resolved this year to devote yourself to tea.