Steve Smith…where are you?

I’ve been following tea super star Steve Smith’s new Portland start-up activity since last May when The Oregonian did a piece on him.

It sounds like Steve was getting a bit bored during his year-long visit to France, and I suspect his do-not-compete clause was probably running out with Starbucks, so he was preparing for his return home to Portland.

For those of you who don’t know this creative entrepreneur of the tea industry, he’s responsible for creating Stash Tea and then Tazo Tea, all in his home town of Portland, Oregon.  His attention to detail in both tea and design has certainly helped to set his ventures apart from the pack.

Much to my delight, I saw that he had, in fact, opened his new tea shop right near the trendy Pearl District in Portland.  According to his new website, he was inviting one and all to stop by for a cup of tea.

As luck would have it, I was in California when the article came out and couldn’t drop everything and head on over there – it would have to wait until my return to Oregon.  I could hardly wait to check it out, which I did on Halloween.  Much to my disappointment, the place was closed.  Peeking in the window, however, I could see evidence of Steve Smith.  I will give him a call and see if I can set up an interview with this icon for T Ching.  Keep your fingers crossed and check back for the interview with this tea super hero.