I have a bone to pick with a local political group in Washington.  They call themselves “T.E.A.”.  Of course, this has nothing to do with tea; it stands for “taxed enough already”.  When I read about this organization, I was not surprised that they’ve inappropriately adopted “tea”…they just don’t get it.  They’re opposed to Obama’s health plan proposal, believing that the president wants to prevent us from choosing our own health-care providers.  How many times does the man have to state that he wants everyone to continue to have choices?  If people would invest as much time into taking responsibility for their own health as they’re putting into protesting about our crippled health-care system, we’d be in a much better position in terms of our national health.

In case you were wondering when I’d start talking about tea – I’m working my way up to it.  I got involved with tea because of my desire to improve my own personal health and I co-founded T Ching because I believed in my heart and soul that TEA had the potential to impact the health and wellness of our country.  As a healthy alternative to high-sugar beverages, tea has the potential to impact the obesity epidemic that is affecting the health of everyone, even our children.  The profound health benefits of tea are accepted by scientists and researchers around the world.  I believe one day – in the not-too-distant future – even the FDA will be forced to accept this.  Until then, we can each take control of our personal health and add tea to our daily lives.  Drink to your health.  Drink frequently.  Drink with your friends and family.  Drink to relax and find some comfort – even in this challenging world we find ourselves in.

If anyone from T.E.A. is listening – find another name for your misguided group!