Beep beep beep beep.  I am rudely awakened by the sound of my alarm at 6:00 AM.  I pull off the covers and practically fall down the ladder from my top bunk in my haste to hit the Off button.  Unfortunately, my sister beats me to it.  I scramble up the ladder and make my bed.  Attempt not satisfactory.  Try again.  If you have ever tried to make the top bunk of a bunk bed, you will understand my predicament.   Still not satisfactory.  I give up and fall down the ladder again.  Get dressed, brush hair.  Cat steals hair tie.  Chase cat all around the house trying to retrieve hair tie.  Cat pushes hair tie behind piano.  Go get another hair tie and repeat process.

Once I finally am dressed with my hair brushed, it’s breakfast time!  Stick breakfast sandwich in microwave.  Ignore sister’s derogatory comments about the smell.  They’re coming from the kid who eats chocolate chip toaster waffles every morning.  Pour glass of milk.  Try to keep cat’s head out of milk.  End up drinking all the milk to keep it away from the cat before breakfast sandwich is out of microwave.  Eat breakfast sandwich before cat can eat it first.

Make lunch.  Cat sits in lunch box.  Take cat out of lunch box.  Put turkey sandwich in lunch box.  Take cat away from turkey sandwich.  Put other items in lunch box.  Take cat away from turkey sandwich.  Put lunch box by backpack.

Put books in backpack.  Take cat off lunch box.   Leave for school.  Arrive at 7:00 AM, just in time for zero period choir.  Sing in choir.  Go to homeroom.  Then go to Social Studies.  Take test in Social Studies.  Go to PE.  Take test in PE.  Go to art.  Thank goodness, no test in art.  Go to English.  Take test in English.  Lunch.  Eat turkey sandwich covered in cat spit.  Go to Tech.  Take test in Tech.  Go to Math.  Take test in Math.

At no point do you pass go or collect 200 dollars.

Go to Mock Trial.  Have fun at Mock Trial.  Read case.  Laugh at reference to last year’s case.  Explain laughter to new members of team.  Go home.  Do homework.  Practice piano.  Do more homework.  Eat dinner.  (Not a cat-spit turkey sandwich.)  Run.  Take shower.  Climb in bed.  (Conveniently, when I want the cat to sleep with me, the cat is nowhere to be found.)

You’re probably wondering where this is going.  But this schedule makes me wonder.  Where is there time for tea?

I came up with a couple of good times for a cup of tea to be slid into my daily routine.  First of all, a cup at breakfast.  I can heat the water while I’m fighting for a hair tie.  Another time is at lunch.  (Yes, at school.)  A tea bag and paper cup in my lunch box would work.  Water can be obtained from a drinking fountain, and my school conveniently has microwaves in the cafeteria.  Of course, those microwaves are often occupied by students trying to heat their pizza, lasagna, popcorn, soup, or sushi.  But I digress.

My other two times are after school and in the evening.  Water can easily boil while I do my homework.  And if I can speed up my schedule a little bit, I’ll have time for a cup of tea before I go to bed.  What a perfect way to end the day.