That illusive “perfect” chai latte - Photo of a chai latte

When I began putting together recipes for a retail concept, a “perfect” chai latte was high on the priority list.  At the time, chai was “hot” and, as I began to sample various chai concentrates on the market, I became convinced that none of them was what I was looking for.  They were either too sweet, too spicy, or had too much of one spice.  Reviews and articles I read on various chais said the same thing.  There seemed to be a search for hitting that “sweet spot” that would make any chai lover go into a state of bliss when they found it.

A few years ago, there was a story of an Indian gentleman in the Half Moon Bay area of Northern California who served a chai so incredible people protested vehemently when a chain coffee retailer (not Starbucks) planned to take over his small space.  I never got to taste that chai, but that’s the kind of chai I was seeking for a retail concept.  And the journey continued.

My goal in this post, in addition to telling my own chai story, is to simply ask others the question: “Have you found your ‘perfect’ chai latte and what is it like?”  I was still tweaking ours the day we opened our store last July, and continue to tweak, although what we have now absolutely delights customers.  Ours is a “moderately spicy” chai with vanilla overtones and one that, when steamed soy milk (my preference) is added, becomes a café au lait-colored, slightly sweet, balanced spicy liquid that makes me go “ahhhhh”…and want more and more and more.  Personally, I don’t believe any chai concentrate or powder bought off the shelf can match it…not even close.  That is our “house chai”.

A customer inspired our other chai recipes by asking about putting some coconut flavor in her chai.  I knew the house chai would not work, so grabbed our loose-leaf, very spicy chai black tea, brewed a shot, added some very delicate coconut syrup, combined with steamed soy milk and..voila!  The customer was thrilled and it is now a very popular item on our menu.  With Fall upon us, I also use that particular loose-leaf chai as the start of our Pumpkin Spice chai latte.

That illusive “perfect” chai latte - A photo of a coconut

As stated previously, my preference for chai latte is to use soy milk, and not just any soy milk. I use only Soy Silk (they’ll love me if they read this) and the plain one, not vanilla.  Some customers just won’t drink soy for whatever reason, but I believe the taste of a chai latte with soy is unmatched, because soy seems to impart a creaminess that milk does not.  I also like to dust the top of the beverage (or the whipped cream) lightly with cinnamon.

Like its “brother” – the elusive “perfect” espresso mocha latte – the “perfect” chai latte is an individual quest.  I believe I’ve found the Shangri La that took me years to reach and I hope, in your quest, you will be successful in doing the same.  The results are definitely worth the journey.  Now, if there was just a zero-calorie option that tasted even close.  Happy traveling!

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