Don Bosco School in Mirik, IndiaLochan Tea Limited, a tea company based in Darjeeling, West Bengal, India, offers a variety of high-quality teas to clients in the United States, Canada, France, Norway, and China.  With a focus on eco-friendly production methods, Lochan Tea bills itself as “serving society with superior quality products”.  But the company has taken its mantra of “serving society” one step further by establishing the Indus Foundation, which is “dedicated to the education of Tea Garden children”.

Over the years, the Indus Foundation, a non-profit philanthropic organization, has supported a number of primary schools in northeastern India, where educational opportunities have been sorely lacking and literacy rates have been extremely low.

The Foundation’s latest project, begun just two years ago, is the Don Bosco School in Mirik in Darjeeling, West Bengal.  The school, which can accommodate up to 500 students, caters not to the children of the affluent, but rather to children living at or just above the poverty line.  In addition, the school welcomes students of all backgrounds and religions, believing that “before being of any religion we were all born Indians”.  Nearly half of the children attending the school walk up to four hours a day to and from the campus.  The school offers a mid-day meal for just 2 INR, which costs the school between 25-30 INR.  The tuition is 250 INR per student per month, for a total of 3000 INR ($62) per year.

To reduce the burden on their students, for whom 3000 INR per year is often prohibitively high, the Indus Foundation is asking for help from tea lovers around the world.  For just $62 per year, you can pay for a year’s tuition for one child.  If you can help, please send a check payable to “Don Bosco School, Mirik” to T Ching at:

T Ching
2230 Old Dalles Dr.
Hood River, OR 97031

The Foundation will send you information on the student you are supporting and a special thank-you gift.

Thank you so much for your support.