On an unusually warm and clear day, late in September,
a dragon and a hare sat down for tea.
The mighty dragon coiled himself up small enough to sit comfortably.
The hare stretched up tall to appear strong as he reached for the pot.
An unlikely pair the two of them appeared to be
on that glorious day at the start of fall.
With two tiny paws the hare attempted to lift the pot.
The dragon kindly reasoned and said,
“Please allow me; I’ll pour us both a spot.”
He gently wrapped his claws around the handle and poured
most daintily, not spilling a drop.
The hare said, “I’m going to let mine cool.”
The dragon chuckled releasing smoke from his nose.
Nothing was too hot for him, but he allowed his to cool as well.
An unlikely pair – the dragon and the hare,
sitting down in gentility to share a fresh cup of tea.
The hare approached his China cup and sipped most gingerly.
The dragon’s claws were large and clumsy as he raised the tiny cup to his mouth.
A quick snort released a flame reheating his tea just the way he liked it to be.
The hare let out a squeal of delight!
An unusual sight, a dragon and a hare, sitting down to tea.
All around the autumn leaves floated down and landed lightly.
They sat long enough to drain the entire pot,
gratefully warming themselves in the Indian Summer heat.
A less-likely pair you are not apt to meet.
When friends are having tea, the differences cease to be.
All are one with every sip of tea.
Please pour a cup for you, and one for me.