meditationWhat are we all looking for?  What is it that aches and yearns within us?  How do we quiet the mind enough to soothe what seems to be a wild beast attempting to break free?  Is it years of meditation on a remote mountain top – eating wild berries and drinking from springs that bubble up from the ground?

Or could it be something simple and easy?

Put the kettle on, select a fine tea of your choice, steep it to perfection, sit down in silence and mindfully sip until you have emptied your cup.  There is something in that cup waiting for you; something in there that will tame your wild beast, soothe your longing heart, and open your eyes to see what it is you are looking for.  As you empty your cup, you will empty your mind.

Has this piqued your curiosity?

In the time it takes to slowly sip a cup of tea – you can change your life.

Sip by sip, day after day, those precious moments spent sipping in silence have the power to change your thoughts, clear your mind, open your heart, introduce you to forgiveness, relieve stress, express gratitude, release old limiting beliefs, reacquaint you with the wounded child within that simply wants a playmate, attract the people and things you desire, and perhaps, even reveal your true purpose.

All that in a cup of tea?

heart in teaWhat is really in your cup is love.  When you stop the world for the ten to fifteen minutes it takes to sip a cup of tea, you are choosing to love yourself.  You are the one who puts the love in the cup and you are the one who sips and savors every drop.  When you surrender and let go, you open yourself up to all the love in the universe. It will bubble up from within you.

Love is what we are all looking for – love is what we are yearning for.

But it is self-love that opens the floodgates to it all.  Ten to fifteen minutes for loving yourself every day – perhaps even a couple times a day – will change your life.  With tea in your cup, you are doing something wonder-full for your mind, your heart, your soul, and of course, your body.  Tea has so many health benefits that when poured into a cup of love, you have the perfect potion of magic to make all negativity disappear, to dispel doubt, to dismiss fear, and to disperse all your pain.

Love takes that all away.

heart in cupSo pour yourself a cup of love today.  It could be white, green, oolong, or traditional black – perhaps even a rare and exquisite blend.  Whatever it is – you deserve it – you desire it, so allow yourself to have it – savor every sacred drop of it and know that your cup will never empty – it bubbles up from an endless Source.


I declare from within me, all that is sacred for me.
And in the sanctity of sipping sacredly, I reclaim my divinity.
From this place of unity, all of life is sacred to me;
every breath, every flower, every bird in the sky;
every challenge, every loss, every one that passes by.
All are sacred; all are gifts from the Creator of all life.
I give up the belief in struggle and strife.
From the sweet place of surrender, life is good and tender.
It is kind and gentle; not about suffering or sacrifice.
Things given up are done so in love; out of compassion, caring and sharing.
Every task becomes joyful, every act is thoughtful;
every movement is mindful, and every person – delightful.
From a place of wholeness, I am most grateful.
My thoughts are pure, my actions are powerful;
full of the power of God; full of the love of God.
I sip from a cup that never empties; I dip into a well that never runs dry.
My cup runneth over; my heart opens wide.
My life is full and sacred; pure and sanctified.
I give it to God; it’s the best thing I’ve tried.
I rest in this knowing and I am never denied.
I say it is so, I sip it so, and so it is.