Dear Aunt Tea,

When I began drinking tea five years ago, my husband swore that he would never give up his love affair with coffee.  He said some pretty harsh things about people who drink tea.  A few days ago, I noticed that he has been sneaking cups of my tea.  He brings me the first steeping, and while I sip it, he secretively brews the second steeping for himself.  Often, he drinks the cup of tea while furtively standing over the sink like a bachelor!  Should I be worried?  Sleepless in SoHo

Dear Sleepless,

Before you denounce your husband as a tea-tippling, two-timing twerp, think about how wonderful it is to have him on board.  Most people are embarrassed to find out how delicious a cup of tea is, especially after they’ve made fools of themselves by denouncing it.  Surprise him after dinner one evening by brewing a pot of tea for the two of you.  Don’t remind him of his foolish denunciation until you have a chance to rub it in good.

Dear Aunt Tea,

Our dog keeps begging to try our tea.  How bad could it be?  Buzzer’s Ma

Dear Ma,

Although tea contains substantially less caffeine than coffee, caffeine is harmful to all creatures and how much caffeine is harmful to your dog is not well known.  If you love Buzzer, don’t give him tea.  Brew him a batch of unsalted beef tisane.

Dear Aunt Tea,

A few months ago, my wife got a new job.  She loves it because every one of her fellow employees drinks tea.  I wouldn’t think it possible, but the first thing she does when she gets home is brew herself a cup of tea and mutter something about needing a “_____bishi.”  We just bought a new Nissan.  What is she talking about?  Does she want to make sushi?  Worried in Winnipeg

Dear Worried,

Not to worry – your wife wants a zojirushi, which is the must-have tea accessory in any tea-drinking office or home.  It will set you back fewer shekels than a payment on that Nissan.