You may not always have the time to sit and enjoy a home-brewed cup of tea, but there are still plenty of ways to reap its healthful benefits.  The recent resurgence of tea as a beauty aid speaks of a cultural shift towards more holistic practices; as traditional Western methods of personal maintenance prove time and time again to lack foresight in safety (cosmetics and hair products used as recently as 20 years ago have been linked to breast cancer), consumers look east.  There is hope that in cultural practices that have worked successfully for thousands of years exists a wisdom that supersedes Western reductionism and that will launch a revolution in cosmetics.  No longer is it necessary to visit a co-op to find tea in the hair-care aisle.  Every beauty product manufacturer in the country seems to be reveling in the multifaceted qualities of tea, from the luxury brands of exclusive boutiques to Walgreen’s bargain bin knock-offs.

This is great news, especially considering the curiosity it might arouse in the younger generations.  Articles on tea beauty products have been popping up all over the place, creating a buzz among Nylon and Teen Vogue readers.  Even if the actual information about the benefits of tea in these articles is restricted to a few digestible blurbs, interest and intrigue are being stoked among a massive audience with consequential purchasing power.  When you’re young and beautiful, you want to stay young and beautiful, and if tea products are a veritable fountain of youth, then pretty soon people will want to try ingesting, rather than slathering, the once frumpy beverage.

But for now, it is exciting to witness the sheer magnitude of tea-inspired beauty products entering the market.  There are literally thousands of varieties, but a few have managed to win the hearts of the public in the form of long-term commitment.  One especially diverse (and cost-effective) line is SalonTea, by Tracy Stern.  With products to treat every beauty need, from foot pads to eye gel, she is the go-to gal for products that combine two great passions of mine: tea and being pampered.  Check her out online for great gift ideas, or treat yourself.  Celebrate the rebirth of tea!