When we were last in China, the finest teas we enjoyed were not at teahouses, but while visiting numerous farms and sitting down for some tea or tea and a meal with the farmer and his family and/or other locals.  This was fresh-processed tea right from the gardens.  As wonderful as it is to get your tea this way, most people visiting China don’t have this opportunity.  For most people visiting China, their exposure to fine teas will come, primarily, from drinking tea at teahouses.

One of our readers is traveling to China and has asked for recommendations for some good teahouses she can visit to enjoy quality teas while in Beijing.  I am putting out this request to those members of our community who have had enjoyable experiences at teahouses in Beijing and can make one or more recommendations so that our peripatetic reader, and any future travelers to Beijing, can enjoy the fruits of your experiences.  Given that there have probably been many changes in Beijing since the Olympics, it would be especially helpful to get recommendations from people who have been there since then.


This post first appeared August 3 ,2009