I recently subscribed to Ode Magazine, a magazine “for intelligent optimists”.  The issue I received, the Laughter Issue, dissected laughter and its multitude of personalities.  I found myself reading intently,
intellectually soaking up each page and hoping that at any moment I would burst into happy tears, ecstatic that I had found the antidote to my current blahs.

Then, as I curiously read how grins and giggles may hold the key to our social evolution, the following quote caught my attention: “The essential ingredient for laughter is not a joke but another person.”  Ahhhhhhh, yes.  The missing element in this entire scenario has been the other person.

Each day, I, like so many of my fellow entrepreneurs, work in my silo, building and growing and hoping and dreaming and planning and envisioning a Great Company that will leave a mark on the world.  Sometimes though, we forget why we got into this game in the first place.  But to forget to laugh at the hilarity of the dissatisfying moments is to know that the very reason we entered the world of entrepreneurism has withered into nothingness, making our raison de entre a moot point.

All of this simply to say…are you enjoying the ride?  Are you laughing at the good, the bad, and the ugly in the world of tea?

And when life really gets you down, just remember, it’s all a matter of perspective.  After all, the bald spot you are lamenting could just as easily be the solar panel that turns you into a sex machine.