I can’t think of anything to write.  All my ideas seem trite and boring.  Possibly it’s because I have a cold and the congestion is clogging up my brain.  I’ve been drinking gallons of tea to try to loosen things up, but nothing seems to be happening.  My favorite tea when I’m sick is black tea with honey and lemon – the classic and still the winner.  Of course, a good strong spice tea is also helpful in clearing the sinuses, but I drank the last bit of my spice tea earlier this week.

Since then, I’ve been fruitlessly trying to come up with an idea for something to write about, dredging up thoughts and starting to type, only to toss the idea out like used-up tea leaves.  “What about tea cliches?” I thought.  Hmmm…not my cup of tea.  Plus not enough interesting material to make a decent post.

“What about tea songs?” was my next brainstorm.  “Tea in the Sahara” by the Police is a good place to start – a song about three sisters fulfilling their dream of having tea in the Sahara with a mysterious stranger, based on a passage in The Sheltering Sky by Paul Bowles, who is one of my favorite authors.  Great idea!  So I dug out my Police CDs and listened to the song again – they’re dancing, they’re happy, their tea cups are filling with sand, they’ve been left to die.  Oh, wonderful.  Not quite the effect I was going for.

OK, then, what other tea songs are there?  “Tea for Two”?  “Tea for two, and two for tea…”  What can I possibly write about that?  Is there a deeper meaning there?  Somehow I think not.  What was that other song…I think it was a Gershwin tune called “The Oolong Song”.  I’ll try and find that, and see what kind of deep revelations I can glean from it.

An hour later, I can find no reference to the song on any site remotely connected to George Gershwin.  Did I dream it?  If I did, it must have been some kind of horrid cold-medicine-fueled hallucination, because if I remember correctly, it was a pretty appalling piece of politically-incorrect fluff from the 1930s.  Maybe it wasn’t Gershwin – at least, I hope not.  I think I came across it one night when I couldn’t sleep and was up all night watching old bio-pics about various composers…I may have dozed off before the end of the Gershwin biography and awoken watching a film about an entirely different composer.

What next?  Tea and food…that’s always a good topic!  I could write about the first time I made the tea-flavored Tarte Tatin – oh wait – just read the wonderful post on cucumber sandwiches.  Maybe I need to find a different idea…time for more tea.  Perhaps a cup of Breathe Easy herbal tea will help me.

Mmmm…breathing in the lovely eucalyptus vapors…this should clear my head and let me write something.  Yes, now I can breathe…but I’m getting sleepy.  I’ll just lie down and take a little nap, and when I wake up, I’m sure my head will be clearer…