Meet-up groups are popping up all over the place!  If you are thinking such groups are made up of a bunch of desperate single people longing to make a connection and hiding their hope that Mr. or Ms. Right will show up at the event, think again.

If you love tea and you love people, single or married, looking or not looking, there could be a wonderful group out there in your city waiting for you to join them.  Or perhaps, just perhaps, you could be the one who starts a tea meet-up group in your city or town.

Just go online and search for “meet-up groups” and you will be led into a whole new world.  It doesn’t cost a thing to start a group or become part of an existing one.  If you are reading this, you probably have a love for tea; and you can bet there are others just like you in your community.  All I am saying is, put yourself out there to find them, or for them to find you.

I have been part of a successful business meet-up group, which led me to seek other meet-up groups with special interests and be darned if a tea group didn’t find me!  I have been to two functions with the group and more are planned for the upcoming months.  I just wanted to see who was crazy for tea and to get out in my city to explore the various tea shops with like-minded people.

So why not start a tea meet-up group in your area?

Local tea shop owners would love to have your business, and even more so, to meet you.  Most of them will go out of their way to accommodate a group that loves tea – this only makes good business sense.  But involve the tea shop owners.  If you show up there simply to have tea, you will miss a great opportunity for them to educate your group, promote and welcome future groups, and become viable and visible members of your community.

The world of tea is growing and there are probably new places opening up, or places tucked away in your area.  If you do not have any tea places in your community, I am sure there is a coffee shop that has a selection of a few teas to offer and if they know you want more, they may be able to order more for your group, and thus generate a wider tea selection for their customers in the future.

The tea community is an enlightened bunch and there is always room for more open-hearted, loving souls that want to share a pot of tea.  So put yourself out there.  Who knows where the journey will lead you?  It can only be somewhere wonderful.  Keep smiling and keep sipping.


Every day and every way, I see God’s creativity.
I see you, and I see me, and I see God’s diversity.
In so many ways and in so many souls,
God shows me – me.
It is all God and God is all there is,
so I am one with all that be.
The variations and the varieties,
the disparities and similarities
of me in you and you in me.
And we can share these with a cup of tea.
I know the divinity and complexity of “we.”
From the diversity of all that is;
I accept the real you and the real me.
For your virtues and mine, too,
I thank the Creator of diversity.
I know all is good and conformity is not reality.
Not judging you and not judging me,
I live; I love; I let go and I let be.
It is all God and God is all good.
This is God’s universe and God is so diverse.
I sip to you and I sip to me and I let it all be.