boy staring out at the oceanThere is an art to steeping the perfect cup of tea.  Good water is a must, the right temperature and timing, crucial.  But what happens between the time you begin preparing that ideal cup and the moment you sit to enjoy it?

I asked a few tea-loving friends to share their 5-Minute Moments – and I added a few of my own – and here’s what we do:

1.      Look outside and try to think of nothing.
2.      Play with the dog.
3.      Jump rope. (“It strengthens the upper and lower body and burns a lot of calories in a short time.” Perfect.)
4.      Sit and wait.  (Whoever said “A watched pot never boils” really meant a “watched kettle”.)
5.      Reply to just one email (yeah right).
6.      Read from Katharine Hepburn Once Said (“Someone once asked me, who was about my age, ‘How are you?’ ‘Fine, if you don’t ask for details.’”)
7.      Make toast with a bit of butter and jam.
8.      Empty the dishwasher.
9.      Dance in front of the mirror to Pat Benatar.
10.   Search online for a great green tea that will need its own 5-Minute Moment (a shameless plug for Naja Tea!).

Would love to hear your 5-Minute Moments!