I’ve always been a believer in rituals.  Rituals provide us with structure.  Rituals help us to feel that all is right with the world.  The consistency of rituals is soothing to our soul.  I found it interesting that a British psychologist – you know those Brits are crazy for their cuppa – brought this idea of rituals down to the actual tea cup.

A Sheffield University psychologist, Dr Tom Stafford, says a person’s brain is trained to believe the daily ritual of making tea should be done in a certain consistent way in order to derive optimal enjoyment.

It might be irrational or arbitrary but it’s absolutely true. Your daily brew tastes better from your favourite mug.

According to research, 65 percent of Brits have a favourite cup or mug they use for their morning cuppa.

Now that I think about it, don’t some bars have beer steins for their regulars to use? I must confess to having a favorite tea cup and tea pot.  Granted, time can change my preferences periodically, but for the most part, I am a creature of habit or in this case, ritual.  Does this ring true for you?