Sometimes in life, opportunities come our way that make us jump up and down and hug the closest stranger in the room with all our might.  (Were I at, say, the grocery store and Clive Owen were standing near my side, my jump would be un-con-trollable, ladies).  Over the last couple of weeks, tea has been the catalyst to two specific jump-for-joy moments.

Opportunity One

A couple of weeks ago, I received an email from the managing editor of T Ching, Erika Cilengir.  It was a lovely congratulations for an article written about a new program that my company recently implemented and an invitation to join the talented folks here at T Ching in celebrating our love of tea.

nude teapotFor me, that invitation was a sign of these times.  Like minds joining forces to bring an awareness to light despite any perceived “competitive assumptions.”  I love T Ching and have been a reader of the blog almost since the beginning.  (Thanks, Nance, for the introduction!)  I love what they’re doing for our industry and the integrity that I sense in their approach to growth.  I love that they have twenty, yes twenty, oolongs and pu’erhs (yum, yum, yum!) and a Yixing Artistic Nude Teapot that I wish I could look half as good as if I were a teapot.

So when I received that email from Erika, I saw it not only as an opportunity to do what I love (write and talk about tea), but as an initiation into a sorority where only your love of tea counts.

Opportunity Deux

Children's tea partyLast night I received an email on Facebook.  It was from a fellow (yes, a stranger; no, not Clive Owen), who runs a program at a local children’s hospital, letting me know that his father had been talking about the healing properties of tea and that perhaps I could incorporate tea into the hospital’s “music, art, and animal programs for kids”.

After several emails back and forth and my jump-up-and-down enthusiasm spewing across the net, we’re meeting for lunch and a tour of the hospital later this week to begin to create a tea-themed party for these young babes who can benefit from the joy that tea with friends brings.

Opportunities are around us at every corner.  When we close our eyes and stop searching, open our heart and senses, and become grateful for each possibility, large and small, these opportunities are more abundant and we become that much more available to the greatness in store for us all.

Now, for the love of tea, get ready for your own great opportunities!