There is simply no adequate way to describe the elegance and tea experience at any of the Ritz-Carlton properties.  One of the most luxurious afternoon tea menus is served at the Al Jalsa Restaurant at the Sharq Village & Spa in Doha, Qatar.

Al Jalsa in QatarAl Jalsa titillates your senses with its exotic teas that are blended exclusively by Tchaba.  The German-based tea brewers offer the finest teas from the most exotic locales in the world, meticulously handcrafted by tea masters and promising a bountiful bouquet of flavor profiles.

At Al Jalsa, you are encouraged to explore new teas, such as the resort’s signature tea, Ameerat Al Sharq, created from a blend of green tea leaves, orange peel, cinnamon, violets, and saffron flower; this tea is full-bodied and deliciously aromatic.

Other favorites include:

Sultana, a delicious blend of black tea infused with organic licorice root; its unique color and tempting fragrance add magic to this flavorful blend.

Green Colada, a deliciously fruity green tea blended with a pineapple chunks and coconut, giving it a distinct aroma; it is a breathtaking and sweet experience.

Sakura with silver tips, also known as Bai Hao Yin Zhen; this white tea shines with its tasty flavor and rich body, delivering a delicate and smooth cup.  This is a very complex white tea, originating in the northern province of Fujian in China.  It is only harvested during the first few days at the beginning of spring and is composed of young tender buds gathered just before sprout, making it a very rare brew.

Lemon Twist, a delicious mixture of lemon peel, licorice, mint, lemongrass, and green tea.  Delve into the heart of all pleasure with this invigorating tea.

1001 Nights, an exotic signature tea, which brings you a joyful mixture of delicious fruits, fragrant flowers, and Ceylon tea.  This brew delicately quenches your thirst with an unequaled flavor.  Sit back and absorb the pleasant fragrance and exquisite taste, from the fruits to the perfumed flowers.

Moroccan Nights, a delicious Chinese green tea infused with refreshing mint.  This cup of tea takes you on an exotic trip to the charming nights of Morocco.

With a dizzying array of types, blends, and sub-blends, Al Jalsa’s attentive tea sommeliers are on hand to help you choose the perfect cup of tea.

Whether you wish to boil and sweeten your green tea, Moroccan style, go Colonial and enjoy your tea with milk, or ripen it to a reddish tint and add honey to it the Egyptian way, Al Jalsa is certainly ready to accommodate you.