There’s been talk about the weight loss potential of green tea and Oolong tea for quite some time. I can’t say I ever bought into it however.  I was amazed to read a recent Web MD post that stated that adults consume about one-fifth of their daily calories from their beverages.  Who would have thought?  They go on to add that green tea is a desirable beverage alternative to soda and even fruit juices.  By eliminating or reducing our high caloric beverage selections, we can essentially reduce our daily caloric intake substantially.  Over time, this simple shift can result in considerable weight loss.  This doesn’t address the potential thermogenic value that tea is purported to have, nor does it even speak to the tremendous benefits that we can achieve from this polyphenol-rich brew.  Now factor in that tea contributes ZERO to our caloric intake and you’ve hit the ball out of the park for a home run.

We are embarking on a revolutionary time in this country.  Our new president is committed to improving our health care system.  My belief is that we’ll need to shift away from the disease model of medicine, which focuses its attention on intervention after disease is present.   Instead, we need to put our energy and efforts into health promotion and disease prevention.  Tea is the natural beverage solution.  The good news is that our culture is starting to understand tea.  It’s moving from the hot, trendy drink to the health-promoting beverage of choice.  So drink up, drink often, and spread the word.