loveAfter choosing the word *courage* as my life’s theme for 2009, I’ve found myself transitioning back into the dark and scary dating world.  Because I’m still fairly new to the big bustling city of LA, and because I somehow haven’t had any success in meeting decent people during various outings, I figured I’d have nothing to lose by trying an online dating site.

While filling out the typical personality questionnaire that would match me with compatible people, I wondered how effective it would be for one of these numerous dating sites to include a question about one’s preference between coffee or tea.  Isn’t that an important factor??

children and red roseDevoted tea people are worlds apart from coffee people.  Tea folks are relatively calm, while coffee drinkers are rushed and busy.  Tea people seem to be more level-headed, can appreciate nuanced flavors and tea sources, and are more likely to care about health and natural living.  I can’t imagine dating someone who absolutely relies on his morning cup of strong, black, liquid caffeine, just to be able to function properly.  (Let’s see, how else can I be biased in this entry?)

Unfortunately, tea lovers are far more difficult to find in my age range.  I guess I’ll have to settle for a coffee drinker…but perhaps I’ll muster up the courage to nudge him towards this happy little wonder leaf.  After all, beans & buds can still get along, right?