During a whirlwind visit to London to promote his new film, Valkyrie, Tom Cruise was interviewed over tea at the Dorchester by Access Hollywood’s British native Tim Vincent.  The setting illustrates perfectly how refined business, politics, and current events can be when discussed over tea.  Nothing offers relief, hope, and inspiration more than the tranquil and civil moments spent sipping tea or sharing tea. It would hardly seem proper to be ranting and raving while having tea – now would it?  Absolutely not.  For centuries, tea has been associated with refinement and dignity, as well as celebration and meditation.  Mr. Cruise is definitely in a celebratory mood while he is enjoying his tea – as it should be for all of us.

Perhaps the deeper message here is that relief, hope, and inspiration are available to all of us – if only we sit quietly enough to sip them to us and through us.  When we are told that times are hard and we’re in for a rough ride ahead, maybe, just maybe, if we deliberately take ourselves to a more peaceful place within, we will be able to view things differently and therefore, seek higher solutions.

Keep smiling and keep sipping because there is always time for tea and cause for celebration.

Be still and know God.
Be still and know God is all there is.
I claim in quiet, peaceful tranquility that
I am one with God.
My strength and satiation come from within.
I go there often to drink of the tranquil waters.
I am refreshed, replenished and rejuvenated.
From this place of purity, I drink of my own goodness
and know my vessel will never empty.  I sip slowly and enjoy it totally.
My needs are satisfied, my desires realized.
I am all I need to be.
I am awakened and heightened.
No more need I be frightened.
With each sip I am enlightened.
I am all I need to be.
Here, in tranquility, free from hostility and
perceived reality, I remember my divinity.
Thank you, Tranquil One.  With my breath I let it be.
In the stillness God waits for me.
I allow this peaceful Force to set me free.
And so it does, and so it is, and so I am.  Amen