In England, February is National Heart Health month.  They have designated Friday the 13th as “Go Red for Heart” day and are encouraging everyone to wear red to work and play.

I’d like to propose a Go Green for Heart Health month.  Green tea is the best beverage to promote health and wellness.  I know we tend to think of green as a St Patrick’s Day color, but I’m thinking it’s time to change that.  Green is also associated with natural building practices and renewable energy resources.  Perhaps we can start to think of “green” as the new “in” color.  Green can become the new black, the responsible new color choice for the 21st Century.

Obama’s campaign used a lot of blue and messages about change.  Let’s encourage a shift to green, to healthy beverage choices, and to renewable, responsible energy alternatives.  Whoever thought a color could inspire a movement.  Let’s move to green for a healthier body, country, and planet.

Our beverage choices contribute to over a fifth of our caloric intake each day.  Can you imagine the impact that shifting away from high sugar beverages to tea can have on our obesity epidemic?  Just that one change can significantly impact one’s weight.  Imagine what it can do for heart health.  For many people, obesity isn’t something that they think about each day.  After all, they’re not gaining substantial weight every day or even every week.  For most of us, it’s only about five pounds a year.  But five years later, we’ve got 25 extra pounds hanging from our bellies or behinds.  Imagine losing those same 25 pounds because we’ve given up soda in favor of tea – unsweetened, of course.  It’s that simple.  Your heart will thank you…along with every other organ system in your body.