Month: February 2009

From Kiev with love

Do you believe in destiny?  I definitely do.  In June 2008, I was on a visit to Bozeman, Montana for my son’s 11th birthday.  Evan and I were returning to our hotel room after a fun-filled day when I caught a glimpse of a...

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tcha tcha tcha tcha tchanges

Even more than Barack Obama and all the obsolete analog TVs in America, I am so ready for CHANGE.Last year I had three major losses: my career, my kid, and Pluto.  When my job was off-shored to Singapore and Cincinnati (did Ohio...

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What kind of tea would you like?

We are all travelers. At least until we choose to stop exploring our world’s extraordinary splendors and doing battle against the injustice and brutality it contains. Our travels, for pleasure or cause, in our local...

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