I came upon an interesting article put out by the Beverage industry today.

They’ve identified drinks that they believe will be popular among the wellness crowd in 2009.  No need to tell you what they’ve included in their projections – tea, thank you very much.

“Tea fits nicely into the growing market for widely inclusive, ‘on trend’ products.  As research reveals more and more healthy compounds and benefits related to Camilla sinensis, this oldest and most globally popular of beverages can’t be content to just lend extracts of itself to non-beverage products.”

relaxingI see tea as more than just a wellness beverage.  I see tea as a comfort food, or drink, to be accurate.  These troubled economic times have increased everyone’s stress and anxiety levels.  I myself can’t even turn on the evening news for fear I’ll be sleepless all night.  I have found that I can create a little sanctuary for myself each evening instead.   I light a fire, or even a candle will suffice.  I turn on some soothing or inspiring music. I brew up a delicious cup of my current favorite tea and sit in a comfortable chair or on a cozy sofa.  Ah…just the thought of my evening ritual is causing me to feel more relaxed.  There’s some decent classical conditioning going on, I’m sure.  I’ve come to associate that peaceful scene and beverage with comfort, peace, and security.  Why not join me tonight and see for yourself?

The images accompanying this post are original photographs taken specifically for the piece by Richard S. Chow.