There are a number of perks associated with having a tea blog.  Perhaps my favorite one is having the opportunity to sample innovative new products.  The folks at Ceramcor sent me one of their gorgeous new ceramic Tea Potles, part of their Xtrema teaware line.  This ain’t your grandma’s kettle.  I was immediately drawn to its stylish appearance.  Its dark gray metallic surface is a pleasure to look at and touch.  This is definitely an example of advertising that is honest and accurate.  I was intrigued when the literature mentioned that the “non-stick ceramic teapot clearly addresses today’s growing desire for a healthier heating and boiling alternative to metal and porcelain teapots”.  The icing on the cake was “Xtrema teapots are made of inorganic non-reactive natural minerals that makes the product environmentally friendly.”

Tea Potle teapot kettleHaving one of those ceramic cook tops that glows red when on, I’m always concerned about placing new objects on the cooking surface for the first time.  The Tea Potle worked like a charm.  In fact, the company offers a 50-year warranty from breaks due to hot/cold temperature variations.  This puppy can even go into the microwave –  but please don’t heat your water for tea that way.  I found the Tea Potle to be a pleasure to use.  It retained the heat very well – reminding me of the Tetsubins from Japan.  It poured beautifully – a priority for me – and the elegant handle stayed cool to the touch.  Who could ask for anything more?   It’s a good bet that you’ll soon see these wonderful kettles at our T Ching store.  But no discounts on these winners, I’m afraid.  The company insists the price must remain consistent: $79.99 retail, which includes a snappy red silicone trivet.   I’d say it’s a great price for a sturdy kettle that looks like a piece of art. That makes it $1.59 per year, assuming that you are still able to pay for the cost of electricity or gas each year, and that you outlive the pot. You might consider putting it in your last will and testament.  I look forward to using mine for the next 50 years.