Those in the alternative community have been concerned about the excessive use of antibiotics and hormones in animal feed. Some researchers believe this has contributed to early puberty in our girls.  I understand the desire to improve the health of animals intended for consumption, but couldn’t they come up with something healthier for them to consume?  The Japanese have done just that.  I found a great post on a tea blog, the Voice of Tea written by Chris Cason.

It appears the researchers fed tea to pigs and found some interesting results:

“The results found that pork from the tea-eating pigs had 3 times more vitamin E compared to the pigs that did not get tea. They also found a significant increase in healthy amino acids, and a decrease in the levels of cholesterol.”

Instead of fattening up the livestock to increase profit for the supplier, why don’t we improve the health of the livestock?  I know this is a shocking concept, but it doesn’t take a genius to understand how this could impact consumers’ health and wellness.  Organic methods eliminate the harmful chemicals, but this concept focuses on enhancing or enriching the end product.  It’s one of those win/win scenarios. The animal is healthier and the food we consume will be healthier.

Realistically we have a long road yet to travel.  Given that our FDA hasn’t yet determined that tea is a health beverage – I’m thinking they’re the only ones left on the planet with this mistaken belief – it will be some time before we can encourage the Kentucky Fried Chicken and the Burger King/McDonalds franchises to add tea to the diet of their livestock.  Perhaps a move to Japan might be more feasible. . . or not.