Being old-fashioned, I shall be incommunicado while I am out of the country in Taiwan and India until November 10, but wish meanwhile to alert fellow tea lovers to two recent books: The Rajah of Darjeeling Organic Tea by Rajah Banerjee and The Harney & Sons’ Guide to Tea by Michael Harney. I plan to write full-length reviews of both works when I get back, but cannot wait to recommend both. Tea men agree the flavor of tea comes from the field and Rajah Banerjee, as his Makaibari estate in Darjeeling demonstrates beyond dispute, belongs in the top ranks of the world’s tea growers. Tasting–that is, recognizing tea’s true flavor–also has its hierarchy and Michael Harney stands high within it, having sampled almost half a million teas over his twenty-some-years career. I have no hesitation in saying Michael’s book on tea tasting and Rajah’s book on tea producing will long remain second to none—there’s no need to wait for further reviews! If you have not already, don’t wait to read: