Take Time to be Cheerful: Valuing life brings happiness.

Have you ever worked with someone who was genuinely – and appropriately – cheerful?  These folks have a bounce to their step, and a sparkle to their smile that speaks of inner joy.  These people are welcoming, validating, and their cheer touches everyone around them.  Folks who take time to be cheerful are giving themselves the gift of choosing the attitude they portray, and all the lucky folks they meet get the pleasure of their warmth. The Chinese believe that cheerfulness is evidenced in one’s countenance, voice, and bearing.  Countenance is the look or expression on the face.  Voice is the expression of some emotion or opinion – tone.  Bearing includes posture, gestures, and manner.

My favorite clerk at the local grocery store is one of these people.  I go to her register even when she is busy, just because her smile and banter are a breath of fresh air.  I worked with a fellow teacher, now retired, who used to greet me every morning with “Hello, Wonderful!” or “Hello, Beautiful!”.  The smile on his face and the trumpet of his voice never failed to make me smile too.  This was a man who lived the mantra, “Happiness is a way of travel; not a destination.”

Choose to be cheerful.  It won’t take long before it is second nature.  Treat your cheerful self to a cup of Morning Dew or your favorite brew.