Take time to share: respect is the root of true happiness

Examine, for a moment, the attributes of someone you respect.  Did the traits of integrity, loyalty, kindness, and humility come to mind?  Not only do these positive traits raise one’s esteem in the eyes of others, they maintain our self-respect as well. Instead of being impatient in that grocery line, loosen your shoulders and try to remember the names of the Seven Dwarfs.  The time will fly by, and you will have decreased your stress as well as the stress of others while you waited.  That’s respect.

Receiving respect from others requires that we demonstrate respect for others.  A look, a nod, a smile, a held door . . . all convey respect.  Respect begins at that level, maturing and adapting to match the relationships we have.  It is this sharing of precious moments of respect that add up to days and months and years of giving and receiving respect.  What could be better?

Daily tea practice – inviting or meeting others to drink tea at least once a week – can make this matter of the heart easy to make time for!  Remember how important it is to give of yourself and make time for yourself too.

The final post in this series, Take time to rejoice will follow.