Ask teenagers what their favorite part of the school day is, and a fair number of them will say lunch.  For the most part, it isn’t because of the food being served.  Lunch is the one time of the school day when students can enjoy the company of friends without being interrupted by irritated teachers.  It’s also an important cramming time for those students who didn’t finish last night’s homework.  But what I love most about my lunch is the chance to sit down and enjoy a cup of tea.

Tea gives me an opportunity to relax, and process everything I’ve learned throughout the day. I’m sure most of you would agree.

However, among teenagers, this passion isn’t shared. Many of us stay up late to finish homework and spend the entire week on a mild caffeine buzz, trying to stay awake.

I remember when Rock Stars first became popular—the main recommendation for them seemed to be their ability to keep students awake when pulling all nighters. Now, they have somewhat faded in popularity among the teenage set, but most students still chug down the coffee and the soda pop, enjoying the caffeine in whatever form it comes.

Most of my friends choose coffee as their warm drink of choice. Occasionally they’ll dabble in tea—usually with bags. While they may enjoy tea, they aren’t likely to become addicts. Tea simply doesn’t pack the same punch.

Personally, I know I don’t represent the average teenager. For one thing, I’ve never warmed to coffee and I drink it black when I have to. (I once had a friend quip that if it took more than two words to describe how you liked your coffee, you weren’t really drinking it.)

When I sit down at lunch to a cup of tea, I feel calmer, more capable of rational thought and intelligent conversation. I do think my choice is the healthier one.

If only I could get rid of that sweet tooth!