Tea has been a staple in the culture of England. Unfortunately their habit of brewing low quality bagged tea, which necessitated the inclusion of milk and sugar, prevented them of garnering the optimal health benefits from this interesting brew. I was very impressed when I read about a young Brit whose mission is to change the way the country – his country – drinks tea.

A 26 year old, former accountant is poised to turn the British on to whole leaf tea. His innovation doesn’t stop there. He’s designed a system that is sure to delight his customers. According to an article in Liverpool”s Ecco, “The centrepiece is a glass-encased conveyor belt stretching along the counter. Loose leaf tea is put into a pot which is then placed on the conveyor – and, 90 seconds later, when it reaches the end of the belt, the tea is brewed and ready to be poured.”

What a fabulous idea! I love the visual, and hope we’ll all have a chance to see this on UTube. I’ve been in sushi restaurants where the dishes are presented on a moving river of water which runs in a channel in front of customers who sit at the bar watching their sushi being made. The sushi raft was a big hit in Albuquerque, New Mexico. For tea, it provides the opportunity to observe the tea as it opens in the glass pot as well as entertainment for the customer as he waits for the tea to steep. Maybe I can get an invitation to visit this interesting new tea shop . . . lots of perks for those of us in the business. Would anyone like to join me? I’ve seen many tea tours to China and India. I’ve never seen one to England. I’m told the European tea shops are quite different from those in the states. France, for example, is known to have some wonderful tea shops. I’d expect Germany does as well. I think that would make for a wonderful tea experience. If we can pull together a group, I would love to lead the charge.


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