“I want a pink mint!” Diana picked up the tin of SenCha Lychee mints, “Can I have one? I LOVE pink.” At my nod, she took one of the small, leaf-shaped mints from the round tin.

“No kidding?” Phillip reached for the tin and rolled his eyes at Diana, who was dressed in pink sneakers, pink hooded sweatshirt, and carrying a pink clutch purse.

“Hey, it actually tastes like the label says!” Roberto popped one into his mouth. “Unique.”

“Mom gets me the green ones all the time. They taste just like green tea!” Michael shook the tin.

“How would you know? All you ever drink are Rock Stars,” Phillip is wearing his Obama T-shirt and ready to debate with any and all comers about anything and everything. He reached for another mint, “Interesting. These are Obama’s mints!”

“You crazy? How can these be Obama mints?” Michael is skeptical of the democratic party, and ready to write off mints with leftist leanings as well.

“They are cool, mellow, charming, and they don’t burn the inside of your cheeks -“

“Are you runnin’ for office? What’s a mint got to do . . . “

“Sarah Palin would say these are ‘maverick mints!’ ” Phillip and Roberto bump fists – a teen greeting that apparently combines the high five and the handshake. Michael laughed and joined them in an evaluation of a recent “Saturday Night Live” broadcast.

“They kinda taste like lychee, but they kinda taste like something else. We should sell them in the Student Store! Can I have another one?” Diana asked just as the bell rang.

Over the next few days, the “pink leaf mints” were sampled and voted upon. At last count, there were 17 for and 1 against. The dissenting vote was from a student who ” . . . ate so many Sour Patch kids last night that I wore a blister on the inside of my cheek!”

SEN CHA Green Tea Mints: Morning Lychee is the newest flavor in the SenCha family of green tea mints. It has a delightful aroma and flavor, as well as potassium and Vitamin C. 100% natural, vegan, wheat and gluten-free, and infused with Organic green tea extract . . . this is a mint you can feel good about indulging in. Your breath will be freshened without that antiseptic mouthwash taste. Ask for them at your natural foods store or tea shop. You’ll never go back to Altoids!

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