Take Time to Work: It is the path to patience and success

Our world has taken many of us away from the essential life work of providing for ourselves: gardening; mending fence; cooking and preserving food; caring for domestic animals; gathering wild foods; sewing and mending our own clothes, cutting and stacking our own firewood – and the list goes on. Most of us work indoors – manufacturing goods, or at a computer console, or preparing for the being needs (food, clothing, shelter) of others; or teaching/preaching; or providing healthcare services. Instead of providing for ourselves, we work for cash to exchange for the goods and services we require.

The need to actively exercise is another outgrowth of this movement away from working for ourselves. People who do hard physical labor day in and day out need little in the way of treadmill time, and they invariably sleep well and eat heartily. They suffer fewer of the maladies of the sedentary life – obesity, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease.

Take Time to Work, it is the path to patience and success. Endurance of the heart/mind is patience. Get outside and sweat for your family and for yourself. There is no satisfaction that quite matches the satisfaction that comes from labor that directly provides for our needs. And after you have worked up a satisfactory sweat, retire to a favorite chair to enjoy a cup of rewarding and replenishing tea. Golden Lion’s Paw; Assam; or Morning Dew all do a body good.