Here is an interesting article written by a tea lover with a history of very limited tea choices and her experience tasting a variety of new, whole leaf teas. I chose this article because we have had many discussions here about the importance of opening ourselves up to trying the many different varieties of whole leaf teas. This doesn’t mean you should exclude teabags or blends or anything else you fancy. Every time you try something new, you learn something new about yourself. Your palate and your experience level expand each time. How could you know if you prefer blended or whole leaf if you have never tried one? I had a similar experience recently, in reverse, as I wrote in Eating Crow , about my pleasant surprise at discovering an unexpected by enjoyable pot of green Earl Grey. I never would have known that I enjoyed it if I hadn’t tried it.

Try and find a tea tasting room or a tea shop that offers tastings, like in the article, so that you can widen your experience. Another good option is to purchase a tea sampler from a trusted online source. Whatever you do, makes sure you are getting good quality, fresh teas and try several from each type – white, green, oolong, black, pu’erh.

The moral here, once again, is to work at expanding your palate and your knowledge about tea. This will help you discover new pleasures and also help narrow down your preferences for your choice of daily consumption as well as for special occasions.

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