Take time to read: It is the foundation of wisdom. The Chinese character for this Matter of the Heart connects the symbol for union with the symbol for the past. When the past is unified with the presence in the heart/mind, the correct state for reading and studying is achieved. Reading is a unique communication between an author and reader. This communication state links the pasts of each in the present.

A book – whether it be a “park your brain” mystery, or the deepest tome of transcendental meditation – is nothing until it is opened and read by someone. How many times do we open a book, our minds racing with the events of the day, and “eye-skate” over the words, phrases, sentences, and paragraphs? So wrapped up in NOT reading, we might not have noticed that the book was upside down!

In that case, the first Matter of Heart – take time for repose – needs to be practiced before we Take Time to Read. If it is evening, an exquisite and low-caffeine green or white tea is a great accompaniment. Let me suggest Silver Needles or Angel White. If it is your morning news, a mellow Oolong or a gentle black provides focus for the day’s news. I would suggest Nepalese Oolong or Margaret’s Hope Muscatel.

When you curl up into a cozy ball to read a good book, what tea do you grab?

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