I remember not that long ago, “real men” had some difficulty eating quiche. I can’t say I ever really understood their discomfort. I guess the problem was that men felt uncomfortable eating something that was typically offered to women at luncheons. Enter tea . . . not your grandma’s tea or the tea you drank when you were sick . . . I’m talking the real deal: whole leaf TEA. This ancient beverage is shaping up to be the drink of choice for everyone. Yes, you read me correctly. I said e v e r y o n e. Tea is cool-even when it’s hot. Tea should be placed into each and every water bottle, giving the drinker a bigger bang for their hydration buck.

Let’s not forget the monks who first discovered tea as a means to remain awake and alert during their long periods of meditation. From ballerinas to movie stars, teachers to plumbers, tea is the drink to insure health and wellness. Who would have thought such a simple beverage could pack such a wallop? If it was a pharmaceutical, we’d all pay dearly for its effectiveness – unless we had a great prescription plan of course. I wonder if its lack of FDA approval really matters to the remaining non believers. The truth is, we’re not drinking orange juice or eating bananas because of the FDA, yet we’re aware of the health benefits of these foods, and most likely increase our consumption a bit because of the perception of their health properties. So it’s the delicious taste and the health benefits that bring people back. That’s starting to sound like tea . . . delicious and healthy.

Who could ask for anything more?