I was browsing the on-line British news recently and came upon an interesting announcement from the World Health Organization. Apparently they made a recommendation that everyone adopt a daily minute of silence, noting such a practive to have “profound healing properties.” It was further proposed that the moment of silence would be best to pair with a tea break, essentially adopting the minute right after tea. I¬†thought that was a great idea, although I would suggest the moment precede the tea break. Union leaders unfortunately dismissed the idea due to concern that employers would deduct the time from the official break. God forbid one losing a minute of their break time to wellness.

Have we become so stingy with our time that a mere 60 seconds of health enhancing reverie would be an unreasonable addition to our work day? If we can’t allow something this simple and positive to become incorporated into our lives, what are we all doing here? I propose that we each take this concept and informally insert it into our lives. One minute, folks – a mere 60 seconds. Can that really improve our physical well being? I believe it can. I will take one minute, before my first cup of tea each morning, and be silent. Since we need at least a minute to steep our tea, this is time well spent I would say. Join me on this journey to discover the power of silence and tea. I thank the Brits for making the tea connection.

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