It’s no mystery that one part of T Ching’s mission is to help improve health, on a large scale, through the promotion of increased tea consumption instead of sugar laden beverages. Coming from a healthcare background, I can tell you first hand that it is no easy task to make changes in people’s health and wellness on an individual basis, let alone on a large scale.  You can imagine that I was excited to read that the University of Arizona’s College of Public Health just appointed a new dean who happens to be a proponent of the benefits of tea.

Dr. Iman Hakim is a noted research scientist that is now in a position to influence the direction of public health education (at least in Arizona) and to direct the interests of future generations of healthcare providers and researchers. Her current research projects include the chemopreventive effects of tea consumption, research on green tea and lung cancer, the effects of tea consumption on the damaging effects of smoking as well as looking into the prevention of weight gain in women with breast cancer.

Let’s hope that Dr. Hakim can help educate more health educators and consumers on the improved quality of life that regular tea consumption can offer. Hopefully, now Arizona Tea will mean something more than just a convenient bottled beverage filled with high fructose corn syrup.

Having said that, it appears that Dr. Hakim will have her work cut out for her. It may not be easy for her to practice what she may be preaching. The University of Arizona has become a perfect example of the push and pull that occurs, all over the world, between what we know is best for our health and the corporate and political machinations that make practical implementation of that knowledge very difficult.

Just about the same time that Dr. Hakim was appointed as Dean to the College of Public Health, U of A signed a huge contract with the Coca-Cola corporation, to be exclusive sellers and promoters of coke. Assuming Dr. Hakim will be advocating for and educating professionals and the public about how to live a healthy lifestyle which includes tea, it should prove very interesting how her research and recommendations play out in the political arena with this new corporate behemoth looking over the university’s shoulders. Time will tell.