No need to allow the high price of fuel to keep you from having a wonderful and restful holiday! Just follow the simple steps given below and you can have a stellar vacation without driving even 25 miles! It’s simple and inexpensive. Remember this rule: lots of tea + little to no technology = vacation bliss.

Tea will be easy and lovely compared to the technology TKO we are about to propose – and we must be absolutely clear on the technology: give yourself the gift of a Twilight Zone existence and turn off the cell phone; the computer; and the television. Unplug if necessary. Post a sign, “Out of order.” Lose iPods, iPhones, and hand held video games. Call the post office and suspend mail delivery.

How will you manage the withdrawal? Easy! Go shopping at your locally owned hardware store or market. If you do not own dominoes, yahtzee, parcheesi, or scrabble games – you need to purchase at least two of these. Do not spend more than $20.00. Next, visit your local library and check out at least four books. Make sure one of these is a mindless mystery and that at least one of the others is the wonderful The Ancient Tea Horse Road by Jeff Fuchs.

Let your conscience be a hundred miles away when you get those guilty thoughts urging you to clean the venetian blinds or to do battle with dust bunnies. Put your feet up and read! Once per day you may turn on the cell phone . . . to call the pizza delivery kid. Take walks in the neighborhood, explore the parks in your area, play yahtzee late at night. Learn two domino games. Drink lots of tea. Treat yourself to some new varieties. Take time and care preparing tea for your vacation enjoyment. Invite the children or grandchildren to join you for a cup – they might show you some mercy at Dominoes.

At the end of a week or two or three, slowly re-merge into the world of fast news and fast messages. You’ll be recharged!